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New 1000 km2 Greenfield Port & Mixed Use Waterfront Community

Phil Crannell, Principal-in-Charge and Lead Planner

China's first ocean front and maritime-oriented community. The first phase will include a cruise terminal complex of up to 5 terminals designed to serve the worlds largest cruise ships. The projects marinas will support all vessel sizes up to Super Mega Yachts. When completed TEDA NORTH will be home to over 1 million Chinese and foreign nationals and be the most innovative new city on Bohai Bay.

Port and Maritime Community for Port of Yangkou (located near Nantong)

Phil Crannell, Principal-in-Charge and Lead Planner

Responsible for master planning of a new Greenfield 36 sq km mixed use waterfront community and sea port, 6 sq km of which will be located on reclaimed land connected by a causeway 13 km offshore. The port will be a new bulk port primarily for LNG products. It will be located up the coast from Shanghai and will have 3 parts, a 6 sq km offshore port constructed, on fill, a 10 km causeway connecting it to a 30 sq km high-tech research and development and high-tech manufacturing facilities. The community will offer international grade housing and amenities to key industry leaders and staffs of multinational firms. A key amenity will be a large offering of waterfront residential lots tied to marinas for yachts of all sizes including Super Mega yachts. To enhance its functional role to the industries, the community will house a state-of-the-art Intermodal Center. The Intermodal Center will be the chief logistical interface between the industries and port, airport, rail and surface transportation links.

Olympic Sailing Center and Future Cruise Terminal

Phil Crannell, Principal-in-Charge and Lead Planner

Directed international team of planners, architects and engineers in development of master plan for China's 2008 Summer Olympic Sailing venue. Included all landside and waterside elements required to operate a remote high profile Olympic venue. Included athlete housing, press center, security and operations center, awards venue, sponsor halls, yachting center, team workshop and preparation areas and vessel classification and certification center. Master plan and conceptual designs were ranked # 1 by Olympic committee. Master Plan included provisions to convert facilities into Qingdao waterfront destination center with mixed use offering of residential, commercial, maritime and entertainment facilities.


Cruise Terminal Concept


Olympic Yacht Club

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